Illustrative commissions are non-human and creature work! Please see the information below for examples, explanations and prices.

Experimental Commissions

£300 PER DAY


Experimental pieces are my most popular commission types and give me full artistic freedom. You're welcome to provide the subject and the theme; I will create something for you and have fun with it by having full freedom to create from start to finish with trust. The style of work is completely random, and the number of days spent on it will determine how much detail I go into the piece.
A sketch will be provided prior to completion, once the sketch has been confirmed, there will be no further revisions.
Price is for one subject, a simple background (flat colour or suggestive lines) & floral elements of choice.

Fluid Illustrations



Simplistic and fluid illustrative works. Usually only one or two colours are used in a palette.Can include up to two animals/subjects & a simple background (flat colour or suggestive lines)