Tattoo commissions are provided at a lower rate due to them typically being a simpler designs with less details and ultimately, less time intensive. If you are looking for something more detailed, then please scroll down to my illustrative works. Tattoo commissions are available in line-work, black and white, or full colour. Prices displayed are base price and are subject to change depending on the area of the tattoo, size and complexity. Please send me an email or fill out the form for an accurate quote.


IMPORTANT INFO: Tattoo commissions are for singular, solo tattoos. I am not a tattoo artist by profession and therefore I will not work with a tattoo you already have on your skin. I would heavily recommend that you speak to your tattoo artist who is far more experienced than I am. ALSO PLEASE BE SURE WHERE YOU WANT TO PLACE YOUR TATTOO. Tattoo placement is important as it helps me determine the size of the design you want, changing it later will incur extra charges.

Prices are starting from and increase depending on the size and subject.


Starting at £200

Simplistic tattoo designs consisting of line work only. Can provide option to change the line work to any colour, but black is often recommended for clarity of the design and to make it easier for the tattoo artist to work with.

Order a Line Work Design


Starting at £250

Tattoo designs consisting of full black and white shading. A line-work version for the design can also be provided upon request to help the tattoo artist.

Order a B&W Design


Starting at £300

Tattoo designs consisting of full colour. Please keep in mind that palettes, though often vibrant, are limited. I cannot guarantee that your tattoo artist will be able to replicate the exact colours or shading. I recommend finding a Neo-Traditional tattoo artist and someone who has experience working with vivid colour palletes.

Order a Full Colour Design